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It hit me the other night that I wanted to have a repository to store my work. It my be a ‘showcase’ as well to be able to share with other people. First, however, was as a place to organize and chronicle my assorted creative endeavors…which have tended to be sporadic but in their wholeness have created a body of work to build on.

I started taking pictures of my ceremics last week. Most sites showcase artists work on plain white backgrounds. As I was playing around in the barn I realized that I wanted them to be part of the environment in which I work. So I put them on the ground, on clay, on paintings, outside and snapped away. My paintings too started to come to life as I shot them from different angles and captured interesting details.

And I didn’t think that I wanted to have a blog. Am not at a point where I want to write to the world about what I’m doing or struggling with or considering. But now that it’s up and I have a place to type to, I’m doing it. More for my own amusement and satisfaction. Like getting a big bag of new legos I’m putting things together one piece at a time and we will see what gets created.

Happy building…

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