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The Kairos Project

The rebirth of what we have loved and lost

“Kairos” Def: a propitious moment for decision or action.  Timeless time.

The Personal


My pup, Kairos, left us too early.  It was his time.  He was my boy, my shadow.   Knowing he was passing made those last couple of months extra special. Our favorite place was going to Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay with his ridgeback friends.  He would roll around in the sand, dig and run with abandon after his friends.  The liminal space of water and land has always been a special place for me and for us together.  


With his passing I longed to find a way to memorialize him. He is forever enmeshed in my mind and body, all the wonderful memories we had together.  But I want him to be ‘eternalized’ in the world.  Thus, The Kairos Project was born. To immortalize my sweet boy into a beautiful ceramic vase: made of the earth, interspersed with his ashes, fired in wood-ash at over 2000 degrees for five days and like magic – lasting art infused with his spirit and that of the earth we shared together. 


If you have two and four legged friends that have passed I would be honored to create lasting memories for those who are still here.  


The Global


Humanity is in crisis as we have pushed beyond the limits of our amazing planet earth. We simply consume too much, pollute too much, and live out of balance with the resources of our home.  Every year we reach our global overreach on an earlier and earlier day…the amount of extraction vs the amount of regeneration.  


I’m devastated by the problems we face and the lack of willingness to change.  The lack of reverence for nature and all the amazing creatures that inhabit this world.  This series of work honors and grieves for the beauty that surrounds us, the tragedy of its loss and the seemingly intractable trajectory we are on toward our own demise.  


I want to capture what we are losing and what we have lost.  To bring it back to life in the art I make and share it with the world.  To be able to take the ashes of burnt homes, sequoias and rain forest and weave them with living plants, earth and fire into something that, while dead, is alive with vision and purpose.  Something that can capture our tears and grief while inspiring us with meaning and movement toward action to save and grow and replenish what we can.  


My starting point is here, in Earth Poems | Blessing Bowls

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